Leasing Now Available

Get the best possible local service at a fair and reasonable rate! The Emco Managed Equity Solutions leasing program allows you to get the right solution for your home without the upfront cost of a one-time payment. All EMES leases include breakdown protection for the duration of the lease with service provided by a local dealer.

If you are interested in leasing your next home comfort system, whether that be a furnace, air conditioner, ductless heat pump, boiler, combi-boiler, water heater, or water treatment system contact Markle Heating & Cooling today.

Home Owner Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance on your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems can keep your systems operating at peak efficiency and help to avoid costly breakdowns when your systems are needed the most. While breakdowns cannot be avoided 100%, regular maintenance by a qualified service technician can determine potential problems including safety issues such as carbon monoxide.

General home owner guidelines for keeping your home’s comfort and efficiency.

1: Have your systems inspected and maintained yearly by a qualified service technician.

2: Check furnace filters monthly and replace as required.

3: Replace smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries yearly and test operations.

4: Turn on furnace or air conditioner before being needed to determine if any issues need addressing.

5: Check chimneys or vents for any signs of moisture or rusting, including obstructions. (Nests/plants).

6: Ensure windows and doors are properly insulated.

7: Seal any major leaks in ductwork.

8: Check condensate pump operations if installed.

9: Open humidifier bypass dampers and ensure water is turned on. Replace water panel or drum filter.

Steps to save on energy.

1: Install a programmable thermostat.

2: Regular filter changes.

3: Seal up any outside air penetrations. (Windows, doors, receptacle/switch cover plates)

4: Consider upgrading older equipment to higher efficiency equipment. (Furnace’s and air conditioners)